Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Well today my owner David took me to the vets for a check up after my recent illness. Apparently you get the check up free; well it is included in the price of the first consultation. That's good or I doubt the stingy monkey would have bothered, if it were going to cost him money. Anyway, whilst we were there he asked the vet about my teeth, and specifically advice on what he should do to make sure I keep them in tip top condition. The vet to be fair did not leap on the opportunity to make some cash as you would expect and get me in for a chargable 'de-scale' session (makes me sound like a kettle). If fact, he said he would rather not do that unless absolutely necessary as it involves putting me under a general anaesthetic. He recommended instead making sure I got plenty of dried food in my diet. I don’t especially like that stuff but will eat it if there is nothing else and only if it is my favourite brand ‘Olly’. My owner monkey David was going to try the brand IAMS but I pointed out there was some suspicion that these guys might be treating cats cruelly somewhere along the line. Okay, it could be a rumour but better safe than sorry so we did not buy my dried snacks from them. The other option was to brush my teeth. The monkey tried it, oh dear oh dear! I was not fun for him or me. He had to put on these hygienic gloves and use special 'pet' tooth paste. Boy did I struggle, I think after trying that he will be persuading the vet to book me in for a 'descale'.


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