Thursday, April 13, 2006

Well frogging season is almost upon us again. This is the time of year when the neighbours pond is teeming with frogs I have a real field day. I mean, I don't actually hurt them like some cats but I bring them in and 'play' with them. This I suppose this is a bit unfortunate for them but I must say I like it loads. The frogs make an unusual high pitch noise, which alerts my owner who comes to the distressed frogs aid. This normally happens before I have finished with my new playmate. Most annoying. My monkey owner, when rescuing a frog normally bundles me up and puts me in a room away from my playmate. He then runs his hands under the cold tap to make his hands less unpleasant for the frog. He then picks up the frog and pops him over the neighbours fence. After, I have calmed down and forgotten the frog he normally releases me again. Ha Ha! Forgotten - it is back to the hunt for me! Apparently frogs are a protected species in the U.K. but I guess the law does not apply to me, as I am a cat, which is good.


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