Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Oh dear, today I upset the monkeys. I have been feeling a little stressed recently and have been marking my territory. Of course my territory also and unfortunately includes my owners house and sometimes his expensive electrical items. And to those of you who are unfamiliar with the term 'marking' it basically means spraying a small amount of urine on an area. To be honest I am doing it not because I am dirty, but because I am so stressed out! What is the cause of my stress you ask? PEG LEG! PEG LEG is the local un-neutered tom that comes into MY garden and into my house sometimes through MY cat-flap. My owner fitted an electrical cat flap, which works by only let ME in the house, but it was such crap it soon broke after a big and boisterous lad like me came in and out a few times. I wonder if anyone has any suggestions for where my owner can get a more solidly constructed one? Please comment if you do! It would make my life much more peaceful - don't get me wrong I am not scared of PEG-LEG (I am a Bengal after all) but he is bigger than me and he has his 'balls' in tact. His size (wow- his head is massive, reckon it's his balls that causes that) and the testorone levels put him at an unfair advantage in a scrap! I know that the Monkey worries about me getting into fights with PEG LEG, but aside from chasing PEG LEG OFF what can he do? Any ideas?


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