Friday, April 07, 2006

My name is Toby the Bengal cat . I am about 7 years old. I live in a town called Fareham, which is in a county called Hampshire which is a country called The United Kingdom. I live in a house with my monkey owner David and another monkey called Jon who shares the place with us. To be honest, I am pretty lucky with my monkeys, they feed me, take me to the vet when I am not feeling so good and protect me from those neighbours who don't much like me and my antics. So the monkeys most definatley have their uses, on a day to day basis I guess the feeding is the most useful. The meals are okay, for the most part - but I kinda like those pouches the best. you know the ones in the silver foil wrapper that are just so environmentally sound (hint of sarcasm there!) . Meal times are pretty regular but if I really really squeak, yelp and rub around the monkeys especially Jon, I can normally get myself another feeding. David my 'owner' tries to put me on two meals a day, yer right - you try and live on two meals a day monkey man, see how much you like it"


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