Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Today saw the arrival of a cat calming product. The monkey's are getting fed up with my stressed moods and the unwanted (by them) side effect of me spraying areas in the house. Well they plugged it in the wall and left it to do it's business. No great calming relief as yet, but hey its early days yet.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

I have been the wars - today at approx 5am that vermin PEG LEG cam in to my house through my cat flap! Well it was war , fur everywhere. My owner broke us up and had PEG LEG by the scruff of his neck. Anyway, this morning I could not walk on my front leg so it was a trip to the vets for a check up. Since the damage was caused by cat and was so recent had not started to scab over it was dificult for the vet to find the fine puncture marks. Anyway, there were a lot of wounds over my body so the vet gave me an injection - she said it was the right thing to do to bring me in so soon as it gives the injection time to stop any infection before it becomes a problem. Toby The Bengal Cat going to the VET

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Well frogging season is almost upon us again. This is the time of year when the neighbours pond is teeming with frogs I have a real field day. I mean, I don't actually hurt them like some cats but I bring them in and 'play' with them. This I suppose this is a bit unfortunate for them but I must say I like it loads. The frogs make an unusual high pitch noise, which alerts my owner who comes to the distressed frogs aid. This normally happens before I have finished with my new playmate. Most annoying. My monkey owner, when rescuing a frog normally bundles me up and puts me in a room away from my playmate. He then runs his hands under the cold tap to make his hands less unpleasant for the frog. He then picks up the frog and pops him over the neighbours fence. After, I have calmed down and forgotten the frog he normally releases me again. Ha Ha! Forgotten - it is back to the hunt for me! Apparently frogs are a protected species in the U.K. but I guess the law does not apply to me, as I am a cat, which is good.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Oh dear, today I upset the monkeys. I have been feeling a little stressed recently and have been marking my territory. Of course my territory also and unfortunately includes my owners house and sometimes his expensive electrical items. And to those of you who are unfamiliar with the term 'marking' it basically means spraying a small amount of urine on an area. To be honest I am doing it not because I am dirty, but because I am so stressed out! What is the cause of my stress you ask? PEG LEG! PEG LEG is the local un-neutered tom that comes into MY garden and into my house sometimes through MY cat-flap. My owner fitted an electrical cat flap, which works by only let ME in the house, but it was such crap it soon broke after a big and boisterous lad like me came in and out a few times. I wonder if anyone has any suggestions for where my owner can get a more solidly constructed one? Please comment if you do! It would make my life much more peaceful - don't get me wrong I am not scared of PEG-LEG (I am a Bengal after all) but he is bigger than me and he has his 'balls' in tact. His size (wow- his head is massive, reckon it's his balls that causes that) and the testorone levels put him at an unfair advantage in a scrap! I know that the Monkey worries about me getting into fights with PEG LEG, but aside from chasing PEG LEG OFF what can he do? Any ideas?

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Well today my owner David took me to the vets for a check up after my recent illness. Apparently you get the check up free; well it is included in the price of the first consultation. That's good or I doubt the stingy monkey would have bothered, if it were going to cost him money. Anyway, whilst we were there he asked the vet about my teeth, and specifically advice on what he should do to make sure I keep them in tip top condition. The vet to be fair did not leap on the opportunity to make some cash as you would expect and get me in for a chargable 'de-scale' session (makes me sound like a kettle). If fact, he said he would rather not do that unless absolutely necessary as it involves putting me under a general anaesthetic. He recommended instead making sure I got plenty of dried food in my diet. I don’t especially like that stuff but will eat it if there is nothing else and only if it is my favourite brand ‘Olly’. My owner monkey David was going to try the brand IAMS but I pointed out there was some suspicion that these guys might be treating cats cruelly somewhere along the line. Okay, it could be a rumour but better safe than sorry so we did not buy my dried snacks from them. The other option was to brush my teeth. The monkey tried it, oh dear oh dear! I was not fun for him or me. He had to put on these hygienic gloves and use special 'pet' tooth paste. Boy did I struggle, I think after trying that he will be persuading the vet to book me in for a 'descale'.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Oh Boy! Great news. One of the Monkeys is on Annual Leave! What a stroke of luck - that means lunch. And the heating will be on to. Ah bliss!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Today is the first day I have been fully back on my feet. I was recently pretty poorly. The vet said it was a cold. He was right, as the jab he gave me gave me a boost and I was eating again within no time. The monkeys were so worried (ah bless!) that they actually gave me the chicken and steak that was intended for them. That was nice. Although my throat was prety sore it wasn't to easy to eat. Actually, on the subject of eating, I must remind David (I think I will drop the monkey word) that it is soon time for my teeth to be descaled again. I really do like my teeth to look there whitest and of course it helps prevent them falling out!

As I write this, I am sat on my owners lap swishing my tail hopeing he might get the message that I would really like another bite to eat.